Thursday, April 15

Arizona immigration bill

US immigrant rights groups have sharply criticised a bill approved by Arizona's Congress that makes it an offence for a person to lack the proper paperwork. One group, the National Council of La Raza, said the bill would turn Latinos, regardless of their legal status, into suspects in their own communities. Supporters of the bill say it will help bring illegal immigration under control in Arizona.

It makes you think what would have happened if the natives the real natives of Arizona had done the same a few centuries ago instead of welcoming the new immigrants, giving them food and place to live! Apparently the new immigrants enslaved the natives and the ones they couldn’t enslave they killed! I suppose that’s what Arizona’s congress is afraid of!

Monday, April 12

Lech Kaczynski legacy

It is very sad when somebody dies and especially in this tragic way and of course the Polish people have every right to mourn their president but is a tragic death enough to transform somebody into a hero and wipe out his past?

I mean, good old Lech Kaczynski and his brother weren’t exactly the most democratic figures in Poland. And their political rise was owned at first to Lech Walesa and then to their anti-Russian rhetoric. Rhetoric often unreasonable because you cannot blame a nation because a time in history its leaders suppressed your nation. If ii was like that very few nations today would have good relations if any.

And it wasn’t just that, some of the decision the twin brothers did while they were in control in Poland were pretty embarrassing for a modern democracy and especially a democracy that proud to be an EU member. Of course all that not ignoring the fact that the Polish people feel totally numb at the moment and they need some solace!